LAHORE - Losing spree continued even on the last of the business week on Friday and dilapidated Karachi Stock Exchange went further down on ninth consecutive day as KSE bourse had lost further 172.66 points and wrapped up at 6487.52 tumbling another 2.6 percent - meaning the market has lost about 30 percent of its value since the start of last week. The market has witnessed lowest ebb after the market regulators removed a "floor" on the country's benchmark indexes imposed to stop colossal losses to investors and brokers. The tumbling KSE-100 on Friday while shedding further value came down under 6,500 points first time where 102 scrips recorded gain, 97 landed in the negative column and 3 scrips remained unchanged out of a total of 202 companies. As usual the bourse opened in the negative zone and remained under selling pressure throughout the business session. The trade volume improved to 100 million shares which is 50 million shares higher compared to Wednesday's trade. Market analysts believe that market would see improvement only if support fund is introduced within coming few days. It seems that there is an autumn season is prevailing in Karachi Stock Exchange market while analysts are opined that only government bailout could stem the heavy losses. The removal of floor has proved to be a bad omen for markets, which was imposed in August to redress the grievances of brokers and traders. But the fact is that these brokers are now at the verge of bankruptcy as they haven't sufficient money in their respective accounts to pay off their liabilities. If the losing spree in markets remained continue, these brokers would very soon declare to be defaulters. But there is a glimmer of hope as most pressing problem of stuck-up funds in the Continuous Funding System (CFS) MK II is rightly moving towards an amicably solution. Reports are there that a committee has been formulated by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Shaukat Tarin to make efforts to patch up the differences amongst all stakeholders, banks, financiers, financees, mutual funds, financial institutions and others. It would be cheerful news for brokers and analysts that an amicable solution had finally been found in which the amount of Rs7 billion in CFS would be picked up by the financiers and the other half by the government and state-controlled institutions. There were also reports that steps are being taken to arrange finances to save membership of suspended brokers. Some of brokers and traders are of the view that government should unveil its oft-promised 20-billion-rupee (250-million-dollar) bailout package as early as possible in order to boost the confidence of the traders and brokers. It is pertinent to note that International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently awarded Pakistan a 7.6-billion-dollar credit line to help stave off a balance-of-payments crisis and had granted permission to pour support fund out of the tranch but concerned authorities are still undecided how and when to pour supporting funds. On Friday at KSE, volumewise leader remained Dewan Cement shares. On the other hand, Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) remaining lacklustre saw the LSE-index shedding 79.1 points and wrapped up at 1725.51 points. At KSE, Dewan Cement was the leader volumewise on Friday which lost its value to Re 0.56 closed at Rs 3.34 with volume of 13,069,000 shares followed by Hub Power which landed in the positive column and gained Rs 1.00 closed at Rs 14.38 with volume of 9,803,500 shares. Fauji Fert Bin Qasim also shed its value to Re 0.74 closed at Rs 13.81 with volume of 8,048,000 shares traded. While NIB Bank, PICIC Inv Bank and Zeal Pak scrips gained their values of Re 0.95, Re 0.04 and Re 0.02 closed at Rs 4.28, Rs 2.17 and Rs 0.54 with volumes of 7,644,000, 6,594,000 and 6,195,500 shares respectively. Whereas, JS Value Fund, TRG Pakistan and Maple Leaf Cement also gained their values of Re 0.91, Re 0.75 and Re 1.00 closed at Rs 4.06, Rs 2.16 and Rs 4.09 with volumes of 6,181,000, 5,067,500 and 4,063,000 shares respectively. Fauji Fertilizer Co and Sui South Gas shed their values of Re 0.44 and Re 1.00 closed at Rs 63.27 and Rs 12.37 with volumes of 2,159,800 and 2,051,000 shares respectively. Arif Habib Bank, JS Bank Ltd and Sui North Gas Pipe also gained their values of Rs 1.00 each closed at Rs 4.95, Rs 5.02 and Rs 19.52 with volumes of 1,652,000, 1,117,000 and 892,300 shares respectively. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also dipped down and shed 279.63.89 points wrapped up at 6284.72 points while KMI-30 index also tumbled detaching 186.74 points closed at 7502.59 points. While in Lahore Stock market, PCCL remained leader volumewise on Friday where 22 scrips recorded gains, 13 losses and 66 remained unchanged. The turnover of LSE-25 witnessed upward trend and 5,812,100 shares were traded on Friday as compared to 3,673,5000 shares on Wednesday. PCCL gained its value of Re 0.66 closed at Rs 3.00 with volume of 1,212,500 shares followed by ZELP which also gained value of Re 0.07 closed at Re 0.58 with volume of 965,000 shares. While NIB, DSLF and BOSI also gained their values of Re 1.00, Re 0.44 and Re 0.80 closed at Rs 4.30, Rs 1.54 and Rs 4.65 with volumes of 835,000, 775,000 and 475,500 shares respectively.