LAHORE - Marriage of Khurshid Kasuri's son with Manzoor Wattoo's daughter was definitely a union of two big political families, but the real feature of the walima reception turned out to be the surprise participation of former President Pervez Musharraf along with his wife Sehba. This was definitely Musharraf's first public appearance in the provincial metropolis after remaining in power for almost nine years, which came as a surprise to many considering the fact that he had not attended many public functions after August 18, the day he resigned as president. General (r) Musharraf and his wife reached the venue of the walima reception on Bedian Road with Pakistan Muslim League-Q NWFP President Ameer Muqam following them closely. They all left at the same time as well. The slogan of Pervez Musharraf Zindabad (Long live Pervez Musharraf) heard once again after many months when a few people raised the slogan while he was leaving. Quite a few wanted to shake hands with him, but they could not, as Musharraf left pretty soon than expected. On the other hand, another prominent presence was that of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who left the venue 20 minutes prior to Musharraf's arrival. Musharraf was received by Khurshid Kasuri at the main entrance. Upon his arrival, everybody's head turned towards him, while Musharraf was waving pleasantly to the acquaintances. He met a few members of his cabinet and political leaders also. The walima reception came to be as the first political gathering of the PML-Q, while the political leaders from other political parties were also there. Musharraf's presence also gained huge media attention, and mediamen present on the occasion wanted him to say something, but he remained brief and to the point. No doubt, the cameras and journalists thronged the venue, and former first couple's unexpected visit fascinated people as well. His visit was certainly also talk of the town on Friday. Though Musharraf's security was not as strict and vigilant as it used to be during his stint as president, but he was surrounded by quite a few security men, who were making all-out efforts to keep the mediamen away from Musharraf. However, the journalists were successful in getting his attention for soliciting his views regarding the Pak-India tension. "India must not dare attack and cast an evil eye on Pakistan as long as our army is doing its duty. Pakistan's defence is impregnable, and we are an atomic power. I hold the country's solidarity very dear to me, and pray for this," he said in perhaps one of the most short and snappy talks to the media. He did not entertain any further questions from the mediamen, whom he was facing for the first time since tendering his resignation in August this year. Moreover, Musharraf did not offer any comment to a question on the current domestic political situation by saying that the president and prime minister should be asked about it.