ISLAMABAD -Imamia Student Organisation (ISO) staged protest demonstration against possible Indian aggression here on Friday. Activists of the organisation were carrying placards and banners inscribed with different slogans in favour of Islam and Pakistan. The placards and banners also read slogans against the aggression launched by India, Israel and America against Islam and the Muslim. The demonstrators, who brought a rally from Markazi Imam Bargah G-6, Islamabad to Rawalpindi-Islamabad Press Club (Camp Office), were also chanting slogans in favour of Pak Army and Islam. They also criticised Indian propaganda campaign against Pakistan in wake of the Mumbai carnage. They said that Pakistan was not involved in Mumbai attack; rather Pakistan was victim of terrorism. Indian media was trying to involve Pakistan in Mumbai incident without any evidence, they said. Speaking on the occasion, Allama Aabid said that Indian allegations were base-less regarding the Mumbai bloodshed. He mentioned that Pakistan was peaceful nation and its nation wants peace. He further said that Indian media's propaganda campaign against the Pakistan was baseless. "Indian govt was following the instructions of Israel and America to create tension in sub-continent and current blame game was part of such instructions," Allama Aabid added. He was of the view that nation would take stand with Army if India impose war. He said that nation is fully capable to tackle any Indian attack. Ali Iqbal Divisional President of ISO said that Pakistan is first Islamic nuclear power in the world which world can't digest. Participants of Protest demanded of Iraqi government to release Journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi who threw shoes at American president George W Bush without any delay. They termed his act was reaction to the wrong deeds of Bush regime against the Muslim countries. They slammed illegal Israeli seize of Ghaza Strip and demanded Israeli troops to go back from the sacred land. They said that both Israel and America were real terrorists of the world instead of Muslim countries.