Karachi (PPI) - Citizens and traders have showed reservations on the proposal of two weekly holidays to save electricity and urged the government to press the KESC for improving its efficiency.. It has been learnt from reliable sources that the government is pondering to announce two holidays in week to overcome power shortage, but this idea seems not getting support from the citizens, traders and other sections of society. "We would oppose the decision if two holidays are announced in a week," said All Private Schools Management Association (APSMA) Sindh Chairman, Khalid Shah. Nearly 60% of private schools remain off on Saturday and Sunday but the remaining 40% would face problems, he said. "We would have to increase the daily hours of morning shift if two holidays are given in a week," he said. He added that the schools running with double shifts would have to face severe problems as they could not increase their shift hours in case to two holidays a week. "Two holidays in a week will certainly affect the studies of the students because working days would be lesser," he said. The academic session has already been shrunk to 8 months and the Sindh Province is already lagging behind the other provinces in decision making regarding education, he said. Most of the schools are already calling 9th and 10th class students on Saturdays to cover the additional textbooks and if two holidays are given then they would have to suffer very badly, he said. There is a discussion at federal level regarding two holidays in the week but no notification has been received by us so far, said Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) General Secretary Karachi Region Mohammad Iftikhar. I have been teaching for the last 25 years and I have never seen 210-period classes getting complete in one session, he said. We had sent a request to abolish the summer vacations but the authorities told us that when would their children go to Murree if vacations are abolished, he said. We had also asked to end winter vacations and compensate them in Ramzan but the authorities were more concerned about their children as they go to see snowing, he added. "We already make too many holidays so I think only necessary holidays should be there," he said. If the notification comes then we would go through it and decide about it, he added. I have been calling to revise the course on every three year but the bureaucracy seems lest interested; however, they are more interested in holidays, he said. Federal government should take Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and other stakeholders in confidence if decision for two holidays is taken, said KCCI President Anjum Nisar. .He added that even if the decision of two holidays is taken then the government should ensure full gas and electricity supply in remaining five working days of the week to the industries. "We have not received any information yet from the government in this regard and I think this decision would take some time," he said. "I have received some hints from the federal government officials that the two holidays would be announced only for government offices, mainly the federal government offices," said Ateeq Mir of Alliance of Market Association. He said that if such decision comes for private institutions then it wouldn't be successful. He added that electricity could not be saved from these cosmetic measures, and more power generation is needed to overcome the problem. He said that proper and efficient distribution of the electricity should be ensured to overcome the problem rather to go for more holidays. He added that this is the thinking of some non-technical people. It would be a bad decision as people in Pakistan give output of 5 days while working 6 days, said JI Ameer Karachi, Muhammad Hussain Mehanti. The people would give output of 4 days if they are provided 5 working days in a week, he said. This decision would further lower the production and efficiency, he added. Such decision had already been proven impractical during Ghulam Ishaq Khan era as all the could be achieved, he said. I would appeal to the government not to go for such decisions, as it would destroy our economy, he said. He said that KESC is no more functional as the blackouts were seen on even Christmas. He said power outages are also witnessed at Namaz timings. The present management of KESC has miserably failed, and the government should cancel its privatisation and take KESC in its hands, he said. He added that the Federal Government, WAPDA and Ministry of Power and Energy should take solid actions instead of issuing hollow statements. A Deputy Director at JPMC while declining to be named said that daily 3500 patients visit at the hospital if such decisions are taken then certainly the poor patients would suffer a lot. All the hospitals are already facing severe power shortages in Karachi which is another dilemma for the patient, he said. The operations are being postponed and if such decisions are made, the situation would go further worsened, he added.