MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia has begun to fulfil a 250-million-dollar contract to deliver surface-to-air missiles to seven countries including Libya, Syria and Venezuela, the Vedomosti business daily reported Friday. Russia will also deliver the S-125 Pechora-2M missile batteries to Egypt, Myanmar, Vietnam and Turkmenistan under the contract, the newspaper said, citing a source in the state-owned Russian Technologies corporation. Contacted by AFP, a spokeswoman for the company declined to comment. Russian Technologies includes arms exporter Rosoboronexport among its holdings. The paper did not say which parties had signed the contract. The Pechora-2M " known as the SA-3A Goa in NATO parlance " is an upgraded version of a surface-to-air missile originally developed in the 1960s that was widely shared with the Soviet Union's allies around the world. Under the contract, 200 missiles are to be delivered including 70 for Egypt, an unnamed manager at a Russian defence-industry factory told Vedomosti. He added that most would be built at the Obukhov factory in Saint Petersburg. "It is a simple but effective system, like the Kalashnikov assault rifle," he said of the Pechora. Meanwhile, Russia has also delivered two Sukhoi fighter jets to Indonesia, the first planes to be supplied to the country out of a total order of six, Russian defence officials said on Friday. "The first two jets out of the six bought by Indonesia have been delivered to the customer," the Interfax news agency quoted a Sukhoi spokesman as saying. The two jets delivered were of the Su-30MK2 class and another Su-30MK2 jet is due to be delivered at the start of next year. Three Su-27SKM fighter jets are due to be delivered by 2010, Interfax said. The delivery of the jets was part of a wide-ranging defence deal agreed when then president Vladimir Putin visited Jakarta in September 2007. Moscow also extended to Indonesia a one-billion-dollar credit scheme to finance this and other military purchases from Russia, including 22 helicopters, 20 amphibious tanks and two submarines.