ISLAMABAD - Responding positively to the move of withdrawal of forces from the restive tribal areas, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Friday assured authorities that they wouldn't attack the convoys of security forces returning back from the tribal areas. "We welcome the government decision to move the security forces out of the tribal areas and Swat valley, and halting the operations in different parts of the tribal region is a right step," TTP Spokesman Maulvi Omar told TheNation on telephone from an undisclosed location. He said Taliban were carrying attacks on the security forces in their defence and they never did aggression or offence on the country's security forces. He said there should be a complete end to the operations against Taliban and other like-minded people. He also demanded the enforcement of Islamic law. Islamabad had made it clear to the world during the month-long consultations and meetings that the war on terror on the western borders would be affected if India did any adventure on the eastern borders, and Pakistan Army and paramilitary forces would be withdrawn from the tribal areas along by the Afghan borders. "War on terror against Al Qaeda and their supporters would no more be Pakistan's priority if the tension grew with India on eastern border," said an official requesting anonymity. However, the inhabitants of the troubled tribal and other settled areas are worried about the fallout of the government's decision to take the forces out of their respective areas. Over 120,000 regular military and paramilitary forces of Pakistan are currently deployed in the tribal regions and on Pak-Afghan border. It would be a total disaster for war on terror and a setback to the US-led Nato forces stationed at Afghanistan, security analysts observed. According to Maulvi Omar's claim, Taliban had observed that security forces had started withdrawing from the tribal areas, including Bajaur, South Waziristan, Mohmand Agencies and also from district Swat, the most scenic valley. He didn't explain whether Taliban had a peace deal or negotiations with the government after the decision had been taken to move the forces out of the said areas. Replying a query on the attacks on girls' schools in Swat and other parts of NWFP, Taliban Spokesman clarified that they were not against the education but some schools had been used by the forces as bases against them, so only such schools were attacked.