LAHORE - Star attractions at the Warid Club Championship 2008 from Saturday (December 27) at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course will be Aadil Jehangir, Danyaal Jehangir, Murad A. Khan, Sardar Murad, Mohsin Zafar, Shafiq Bhatti and Shoaeb Shams. This 36 holes contest over two rounds will produce ample excitement as over 75 hopefuls tee off today, all looking potentially sound to have a crack at the Club Championship title. Each participant has a game plan, which if religiously followed and executed will help him to a position amongst the frontrunners. But as often happens in many such title bearing events, the less established ones fall apart losing strokes with gay abandon simply because they cannot cope with the pressure of the competition and instead of conquering the challenges of the golf arena they end up disintegrated. The battle hardened ones show more faith and purpose and apply their golfing skills to good effect, thereby bringing bliss to themselves by performing well. Defending champion Murad Khan is all set to retain the title after a practice round yesterday at the Gymkhana golf course he stated that the event is all important to him and he hopes to successfully cope with the competition generated by other strong contenders like Aadil, Mohsin Zafar, Shafiq Bhatti, Aleem ur Rehman and Moeed Yousaf. Aleem is here from USA on a holiday and looks a capable contender, and so does Moeed who is here from UK. The championship has events for the seniors (golfers above 55 years of age) and ladies also. Noteworthy is the large participation of seniors; they number 42 in all and include some real good golfers like Jehangir Aziz, Pervaiz Mir, Shafqat Rana, Hamayun Rashid, Javed Khan, Irfan Saeed, Aamen Taqi Butt, Inam Rana and Dr. Tariq Malik. Most of them claim that their playing clubs do not know their age and all they here to do is to stick to their golf swing and the golf scores will be decent enough to fetch them positions of honor.