WASHINGTON (Online) - US Time magazine has included President Asif Ali Zardari in its list of top 20 most prominent personalities of the year 2008 while US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown are also among that list. Time magazine has given its annual Person of the Year award to US President-elect Barack Obama. According to the magazine, Zardari buried his slain wife Benazir at the end of previous year and he ends 2008 as President of a nuclear-armed nation. Allegations of corruption were levelled against Zardari after ouster of Benazir Bhutto's govt in the 1990s and when she returned from exile, she lead her nation back to democracy after nearly a decade of military rule, Zardari was beside her. He often repeats Bhutto's favourite line, that democracy is the best revenge. In Pakistan, though, it might take more than that. Former first US lady, Harry Clinton, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, former Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Zimbabwean President Robert Gabriel Mugabe are also among top 20 prominent personalities of the world.