I would request the government to form an independent commission to undertake an all-encompassing investigation into Benzir Bhuttos assassination. The probe must start from political developments like the NRO prior to her arrival in Pakistan and then the bomb blast and bloodbath on her arrival in Karachi. It must also be noted that the Sind coalition government did not facilitate the registration of its FIR. It apparently had its connection when after two months she was murdered. The cover-up by Musharraf regime raises a number of questions. It may not be forgotten that it all happened when the top leadership of PPP, including MR Zardari was present in Pakistan and left many agonizing question unanswered like stopping the medical authorities to carry out the post mortem. Who opened the hatch of the bullet proof car also remains to be answered. The inquiry should also include Babar Awan, Rehman Malik and others who were responsible for her security. This includes the then government as well. But I agree with Aitzaz Ahsan that the investigation should start right from General Musharraf. Only then can we hope to learn the truth. SALMAN, Multan