Bolivian President Evo Morales traveled to Venezuela with humanitarian aid to families affected by heavy rains. Morales arrived at the Air Base Rafael Urdaneta in Venezuela's northwestern state of Zulia and handed over aid including 50 tons of rice. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met Morales and expressed thanks for the aid. Bolivia has already sent mattresses, milk, drinking water and other goods. Chavez said Bolivia's humanitarian aid would be distributed to indigenous families affected by the rains in Zulia. Morales is the second foreign leader to travel to Venezuela to personally express solidarity with the flood victims. On Dec. 14, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa personally handed over 11.2 tons of food to Venezuela and visited two makeshift shelters. Torrential rains hit northern Venezuela in November, killing 35 people and left more than 133,000 families homeless. Venezuela has received more than 500 tons of humanitarian aid from other nations including China, Nicaragua and Spain.