ITALIAN actress Caterina Murino, who played Daniel Craigs lover in Bond movie Casino Royale, has revealed that she is thrilled to work with Rufus Sewell. Murino said that she has been in love with Sewell since the first time she saw him in Dangerous Beauty. I panicked when I had to do an audition with him. I cannot look him in the eyes - but he is so generous, so humble, so there to help and support me. At the end of the casting he came over and said, I hope you get the part. I was so happy when I did, the Daily Mail quoted her as saying. I have to understand that you are a human being; that you eat like me, that you drink water like me. I have to break up this image I have of you as a god. It was very hard to act with my favourite actor in the world, she said. Moreover, shooting scenes together became even more fraught when both of them developed a skin condition that prompted on-set gossip and involved doctors and dermatologists. Rufus and I had this strange thing where we came out with this very painful rash. None of the other actors or the crew were affected, and everybody started thinking thats a bit odd; even the doctors asked, just you two? And we had to tell them, No, no, this is not a romantic thing at all In the end they discovered that his trailer and my trailer were infested with, I dont know how you say this, a small animal that bites you... she added. DNA