Speaking at two different occasions on Saturday, PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif reflected the inner feelings of the people when they severely criticised the government for the widespread corruption and mismanagement prevailing in its circles, that was adversely impacting life in the country. The CM, who presided over a largely attended function organised by Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust (NPT) at Lahore to commemorate the 134th birth anniversary of the Quaid-i-Azam, went to the extent of saying that the people would readily trample a democracy that indulged in loot and plunder. He cited the Swiss bank accounts and the sugar crisis to suggest how the countrys looted wealth was stacked abroad and how unscrupulous cartels exploited the consumer with impunity; the Haj financial scandal to show how morally and religiously degraded the custodian of public trust had become. It certainly was not the Pakistan that the Quaid had striven hard to create for the Muslims of the South Asian subcontinent. It is difficult to disagree with him. The sacrifices that the people rendered were to secure a homeland where justice would prevail and there would be equal opportunities for upward mobility in society for which the aspiring lot would have get due help from the authorities. And that is not possible in a climate charged with greed, nepotism and cronyism. Mian Nawaz, who was talking to the media at Murree, did not lag behind his younger sibling when he rubbished the government, expressing his disgust, saying its role in running the affairs of the state simply stinks. He termed the rental power scheme ruinous for the countrys economy, and called into question the arrest of Shahzain Bugti, which he believed was tantamount to making rebels out of the patriotic Baloch people, who had been wronged for so long. At the same time, he observed that politics should not be turned into a game of musical chairs and made it clear that none in his party was bent upon becoming Prime Minister. At the Quaid-i-Azam day function, President of AJK Raja Zulqarnain Khan, who was the guest of honour, rightly said how true the Quaids remark that Kashmir was the lifeline of Pakistan was when seen against the backdrop of Indias continuous diversion of waters of the rivers, originating from Kashmir and flowing into Pakistan. The government should follow his advice in all earnestness and revisit its policy on Kashmir, making no compromises on its solution on the basis of UN resolutions. Senator S. M. Zafar talked of the Quaids strict respect for law, and Editor-in-Chief of TheNation and NPT Chairman Majid Nizami lamented that because of our own follies, we lost East Pakistan precious part of the country, which could only come into being because of the untiring efforts of the Quaid-i-Azam.