LAHORE - Feudalistic and capitalistic political trends have damaged the roots of the country and enforcement of an Islamic system of governance is the only solution to eradicate evils from the society and ending the problems faced by the country, said speakers at a JI seminar. The seminar entitled 'Islamic System is The Only Solution to End Feudalism and Capitalism was held at JI headquarters, Mansoora on Sunday. JI leaders including Dr Muhammad Kamal, Dr Farid Piracha, Maulana Abdul Maalik, Hafiz Idrees and others addressed on the occasion. The speakers at the seminar said that feudalist and capitalistic political trends represent the system of exploitation of the middle and poor classes. They said the feudal lords enjoy luxuries at their huge farm houses, while their tenants were compelled to face killing heat in the sun. The JI leaders said that the capitalist system represents the forces of greed and illegal profiteers who fleeced the working classes. They claimed that JI was the only political force, which could end the feudal and capitalist system of governance from the country. The JI leaders appealed to the masses that they should rise up against the feudals and capitalists of the country to break the chains of exploitation and to enforce the Islamic system of governance.