Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Affairs chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has welcomed the United Nations (UN) new resolution pertaining to self-determination and urged to practically implement its resolutions. In a statement he said new UNs resolution has strengthened the Kashmir cause and as per this resolution, UN must instigate to hold free and fair elections in Indian held Jammu and Kashmir. Maulana termed it pathetic and said India who is violating the UNs resolutions from the last 60 years, has now been making efforts to become the permanent member of Security Council of same organization. India is criminal of United Nation and its Security Council thats why it does not qualify for the permanent membership, he stressed. He added it is the responsibility of international community to make Indias wish unsuccessful. He further said it is hilarious for India to pronounce itself the biggest democracy of world as India has not fulfilled its pledges of providing Kashmiris with basic rights. He stated that there are numerous voices who are often raised in India for the rights Kashmiris, but India is suppressing them.