LAHORE - Despite making several announcements for holding the local government (LG) elections, federal and provincial governments are not serious in conducting them. Now the question arises with the beginning of new year that whether federal and provincial governments will successfully conduct the LG polls or not and if they are serious in doing so then to what mechanism they will adopt to make them possible. In fact, the local governments system was made by Pervez Musharraf and now the bureaucrats work as administrators in those institutions made under this system. There are reservations, about this system, present in PML-N and federal government. PML-N itself wants to restore the local government institutions but not the district governments and their motive is to limit the authority to the provinces so that provincial governments and member parliaments can uphold the governance system on the LG system. For that reason, all the four provincial governments are reluctant in holding LG elections. It is to be noted here that both the big parties make a pledge in Charter of Democracy that in future they not only protect these LG institutions but also conduct elections. In fact these two big parties appoint administrators at district, tehsil town and union council levels instead of public-elected members, which is against the true spirit of democracy.