THE secret of keeping the doctor away? An iPod a day, suggests a new research. Well, patients could soon be given Apple iPods loaded with their favourite music to help them recover from surgery faster, in the research trial at Londons Barts Hospital. The research actually plans to test the theory that patients allowed to listen to music feel less pain, need less medication and leave hospital sooner after surgery, the 'Daily Mail reported. If approved, the first to benefit will be new mothers, who will be exposed to music before and after they give birth, and those admitted for orthopaedic operations such as hip and knee replacements. They will be monitored to see how music affects their anxiety levels, blood pressure and heart rate compared to those who dont listen to music. Although it is thought that the best music to use depends on each patients personal taste, the research will be used to create an original piece of music designed to have the most therapeutic effect. Economic Times