LAHORE: JI chief, Syed Munawar Hasan has demanded immediate release of Baloch leader Shahzain Bugti and his colleagues to avoid further deterioration in law and order in Balochistan. In a statement issued on Sunday, he stressed upon the rulers and the establishment to realise that the Balochistan situation could not improve through such actions. He also demanded judicial enquiry into the facts leading to Shahzains arrest. The JI chief advised the government to adopt political strategy to resolve the problems of Balochistan and accept their rights on the resources of the province. The Baloch people, he said, were already aggrieved and had valid complaints against the Centre and the establishment, while the incident of Nawab Akbar Bugti was still fresh in their minds. He claimed that currently 5th military operation was going on in that province, the Baloch people were being abducted and subsequently their dead bodies were discovered. The missing people also included Baloch women, which was most shameful. As a consequence of such a policy, the national anthem was not being played throughout Balochistan, he said.