MQM chief Altaf Hussain has made an enthusiastic speech to a massive audience in Bhitshah on Saturday and touched upon various vital issues confronting the nation including imposition of the RGST, summoning of the ISI chief by an American court, release of Aafia Siddiqui, price hike, electricity and gas loadshedding, shortage of water, Kalabagh Dam, provincial autonomy and NFC Award. The crowed strongly endorsed his every word. Altaf warned that if the US court order was complied with, MQM would bring down the government. This was a true depiction of peoples sentiment. There is no precedence in contemporary history where an intelligence chief of a sovereign country was summoned on flimsy charges. No one from the federal government including the PM immediately reacted to this condemnable summons or bothered to issue a categorical statement. One should not expect anything better, considering that it had consented to send the ISI chief to India in connection with Mumbais attacks. On the issue of RGST, Altaf Hussain took a firm stand saying MQM opposed it tooth and nail, suggesting that if the government wanted to collect funds, it should impose agriculture tax on big landlords. Successive government had promised to impose the tax but never showed seriousness in doing so. MQM chief was right in observing that the PPP government was trying to secure loans from the IMF at the cost of poor people and by doing so, it has mortgaged the national sovereignty. MQM Chief lamented the cruel treatment meted out to Aafia Siddiqui. Though Interior Minister Malik assured her early release to her family, the matter seems to have fallen in cold storage. Altaf also did not mince his words on other important issues, urging the government to take immediate action failing which people would seal it fate and it should be ready to face a situation like the French Revolution. He dispelled the impression that if MQM would quit the ruling alliance, it would lead to serious political turmoil. All said and done, MQM chiefs words carried lot of weight. Problems are there, yet, there is no solution in sight.