The summary of Obama administrations latest strategy review shows a continuous pursuit of a military operation against Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan territory including the expansion of deadly drone strikes in Pakistan territory. Political efforts are also mentioned to support a durable resolution of the conflict but shows no further details how its goals would be secured. The US has extended time limit for four more years up to 2014 to accomplish this task thats eliminating the miscreants which is not possible and thereby honorable exit after handing over the situation to Afghan forces. But it is neither evident from the ongoing Afghan war nor has been displayed in the last ten years of US war performance. Apparently it appears illogical but it is very carefully designed to satisfy the public at home and then enhance the chances of victory in next presidential election within this span of time which is very important for Obama. The Afghan government has already failed to give equitable and workable representation to Pashtuns who are in majority in the country and no government in Afghanistan can run smoothly without the support of Pashtuns. Thats why most of the influential Pashtuns and warlords are reluctant to support Afghan government because of their cosmetic representation and forming of unnatural alliance/government. If the same policy is pursued and tried again to execute through force, it will never reach its logical end. As it is proved that no military action can rectify a wrong political strategy, it may achieve temporarily success but no long lasting peace. Most Afghans have come to the conclusion that war can be brought to an end through diplomatic ways. Most of the Americans are also of the opinion according to BBC news survey that Afghan war is no more worth fighting. And the closing remarks and last words of Richard Holbrook that you got to stop Afghan War is the culmination point. At this critical stage, it is extremely important to encourage Karzais efforts for reconciliation to negotiate the settlement sooner rather than later. Conducive environment should be created to support the pursuit of political process to achieve the peace and enduring stability which will also offer an honorable exit to US forces. And the so-called safe sanctuaries in FATA as painted by international media and do more, demand will die down because peace in Afghanistan will ensure peace in FATA. Moreover, military operation in NWA will internally displace millions of people for no gain at all. Rather this would justify the US unreasonable position. So all the stakeholders must sit together, develop national consensus and set their priorities right before going for any option. MUNIR M KHAN, Islamabad