ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) is working on a project to ensure quality of exportable products and increase confidence of exporters. The project called - Industrial Linkages Programme on Accreditation (ILPA) - would provide quality conscious human resource and help promote Pakistani industry in international market. The two years project will fill the gap and create quality environment in the industrial sector, PNAC sources said here on Sunday. The sources said the project is directly related to National Quality Policy & Plan and will contribute in the development of Quality and Science & Technology segment in industrial sector. The sources said PNAC has already been awarded Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) status by Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC). As a result of MRA all laboratories accredited by PNAC are recognized at international level for their test and calibration results and will greatly facilitate Pakistani exporters in getting their product tested from these labs, thus reducing testing cost and time. A Help Desk under Industrial Linkages Programme on Accreditation (ILPA) in industrial areas of Pakistan is also being established to guide and train industries in utilizing subject facilities within Pakistan. The project envisages programmes, studies, training and other activities in accreditation area with the objectives including training and awareness raising on accreditation for Industrial sector all over the country. Physical survey of the industrial sectors in collaboration with associations for training needs on quality and accreditation through the liaison desk of ILPA and improve knowledge of local industry/private sector towards quality issues related to accreditation. The other objectives are arrangement of meetings, seminars and training courses for local industries in collaboration with chambers of commerce and industries, associations and industrial clusters, provide guiding material through website, as well as brochures and handouts to the local industry and feed back to PNAC on actual problems faced by exporters and dissemination of possible solution to the industry, the sources added.