LAHORE-The PPP leaders have shown strong reaction over Mumtaz Bhuttos recent remarks about partys present leadership, terming him an anti-democracy politician and an opportunist. In a joint press statement issued on Sunday, PPP leaders, Mushtaq Awan, Azizur Rehman Chan and Zekria Butt called Mumtaz Bhutto a stooge of dictatorship who betrayed the people on many occasions by siding with a dictator. They labelled him an anti-democracy politician and accused him of playing an important role in the hanging of Z.A Bhutto. He is known in Sindh as a great opportunist, the PPP leader said, adding that when Benazir was struggling against dictatorship along with her mother, Mumtaz Bhutto was sitting in the lap of dictator. They said that after meeting failure in Sindh, he was spreading seeds of provincialism in Punjab; but he wont succeed in his nefarious designs. They said people of Sindh always inflicted humiliating defeat on Mumtaz Bhutto whenever he contested election.