KARACHI The die-hard workers of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have expressed their disappointment with the party leadership as well as functioning of government as senior party activists are being constantly ignored. The jialas believe that outsiders have occupied the important posts of the party and the government, who served nothing for the flourishing of the PPP. They pointed out that a gap was developed between the workers and the leadership after assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. The Nation talked with the senior workers of party to get their views about the party affairs on the eve of 3rd death anniversary of PPPs chairperson and former Prime Minister Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, being observed today (December 27). Most of the workers, who were active in the party when Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was alive, opined that they had been sidelined as outsiders took over the partys important posts. Ghulam Qadir from Hyderabad told The Nation that he was sent in jail during Zias dictatorial rule as well as during struggle against Musharrafs unconstitutional steps, but after coming in power, the party has forgotten him. He added We workers have no greed of any sort of job or post, but we want respect in party and easy access to leadership, which is missing after assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Elaborating the difference among the yesterdays (Shaheed Benazirs era) and todays PPP, he pointed out that in present of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto we were supposed to feel her shadow of leadership every time, but after her assassination this shadow has been vanished, and we become orphan. He appealed the party leadership to get assassinators of Shaheed Benazir behind the bar as soon as possible because punishing the killers of her will be significant performance of PPP government, which bring proud for workers. Like other senior workers, Razia Butt, former president PPP ladies Wing Karachi East also parted ways with eh PPP herself in Karachi. She told The Nation that she was proud that Shaheed Benazir knew her by name and made her district president, but after her assassination, we also become dead. She criticised the present leadership of party, saying that senior workers of party sitting at their homes silently as they are not happy with the performance of leadership. The political parties get strengthen while sitting in government but in contrast to this, the PPP is splitting in groups due to increasing gap among the leadership and workers, she opined. She remarked that sincere Jyalas were ignored in party affairs as well as in government, while outsiders grabbed all offices of party. She commented that currently there was no direction of party, while the doors of party leaders are closed for workers, leading to emerging of dissident groups inside the party. Razia Butt said that Faryal Talpur had made her Vice President of partys ladies wing for New Town Karachi, but she resigned from the post after few days. Another die-hard worker of party Nazeeran Jan Muhammad has also same feelings of disappointment about party. She belongs to Lyari, a strong pocket of PPP, but now people of area openly criticizing their leadership over their failure in nabbing of assassinators of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Nazeeran also remained behind the bar in struggle against Zias dictatorial rule. She memorized that Benazir always summoned her to meet and discussed the party affairs of Lyari, but after her we have become orphan. Zakia Abbas, who applied for Senator in last election, also expressed disappointment over running of party affairs. She also remarked that there is need to enhance coordination with the senior workers, who are assets of party.