ISLAMABAD - Some powerful vested interests including real estate tycoons are pushing the PPP-led ruling coalition to get precious land of four union councils of Khyber Pakhtun-hwa integrated into Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Sources privy to these developments told TheNation on Sunday that these lobbies were trying to get the precious land included into the Federal Capital ostensibly in the name of integrating the Kh0anpur Dam into ICT as one of the primary sources of water supply. According to the informed sources, the ANP-led provincial government, which also seemed active in complying with the directives of the federal government, has recently conducted survey through its revenue department seeking views of the residents of the four union councils over the proposal to integrate Khanpur Dam and four union councils into the ICT. Sources said majority of the residents of these union councils rejected the plans thus leaving the federal government and the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to find other options. Fortunately or unfortunately these developments have alerted people of the District Haripur who have vowed to resist the governments efforts to get the multipurpose Khanpur Dam integrated into ICT. The local farming communities largely dependent on Khanpur Dams water for irrigation have threatened to resort to extreme action if the government took any decision about the future of Khanpur Dam without providing them with alternate means for irrigation water. Interestingly, some political parties including the PPP-Sherpao, PML-N and Hazara Qaumi Movement along with civil society organisations including Pakhtun Awareness Movement (PAM) have already launched efforts to sensitise the issue at their relevant forums in order to foil the PPP-ANP bid. They are of the view that Khanpur Dam should not be used for water supply for Islamabad and Rawalpindi and be left only for the local poor farming communities to use it as their principal source of water for irrigation purpose. They have demanded of the federal government to immediately give its nod to Ghazi Brotha pipeline water supply project proposed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to use it the main source of water for Islamabad and Rawalpindi.