President Zardari made an emotional speech to PIA workers at the launching of the Bhutto Apna Ghar scheme on Saturday, an event close to the third death anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, falling on Monday (today). This speech might prove more important than those on the anniversary itself, because of the messages it conveys. First, he said that the PPP would continue the fight against militancy and that no one could force them to 'grow beards at gunpoint. This was not just a message for the militants, or even the people of Pakistan, but those foreign powers who doubt Pakistans steadfastness in the War on Terror. The people have not been objecting to the goal of defeating the terrorists, but of the subservience to the USA the government shows in it. The President also equated the stability of the country with that of the PPP. This seems too vast, based on the odd assumption that the PPP is equivalent to democracy. Democracy is the real force of stability in the country, and the PPP only supposed to be one of many competing political parties. If it became too unstable to play its political role, it will merely find itself replaced by another political party. The Presidents saying that he did not want the 'Aik Zardari sab pey bhari slogan raised was an indication that he did not want there to be any suspicion that he was using his position as PPP Co-Chairman to take the party away from the Bhuttos, to both of whom, father Zulfikar and daughter Benazir, he made frequent reference in his speech, This was implicit in his saying that only one slogan should be raised, 'Jiye Bhutto. The speech gains significance from the fact that the FIA Joint Investigation Team into Benazirs murder has been expanded, and now also includes representatives of organizations other than the FIA. However, the expansion may just be a bit of paper shuffling designed to hide the fact that while the PPP took office within weeks of the assassination, and the President his current office within months, there have been no arrests despite the passage of years, and the conduct of the UN investigation that had been demanded by the PPP. It is a blot on the record of the government that it has been unable to discover the murderers of Ms Benazir Bhutto, especially after that became the main plank for the PPP during the election campaign. Whatever the Presidents brave words, Ms Bhutto will only be avenged when her murderers are brought to justice.