KARACHI (PPI) Khan Hussain Khan, a former minister and chief advisor of Kalat, has demanded release of Shahzain Bugti who was detained for keeping arms. In a statement on Sunday, Khan said: Great Britain which ruled here for a long time used to say when you see a Balach give him respect and then you will find him most obedient and cooperative. But unfortunately what we learnt from history is that we did not learnt from history. Khan Hussain Khan said that Shahzain Bugti, the grandson of late Nawab Akbar Bugti, was maltreated during arrest which was a condemnable act. Khan said another hero has been created in Balochistan as the leadership of Muslim League (N) has also demanded the release of Shahzain. Khan Hussain Khan said Balochistan is already passing through very difficult times as young men had gone missing. It is pity that recently 25 to 30 young men had been lifted to unknown destinations. Balochistan seems to be in a state of war as there is no writ of law in its most parts:, he said. He said keeping arms in tribal areas is tradition while the same practice is also witnessed in Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa. The people of tribal areas face rivalries that is why they keep arms to protect themselves. Even in Taxas, USA, cowboys react likewise that. He demanded of the government to release Shahzain Bugti so as to restore peace in Balochistan.