LAHORE Terrorists hit six leading sensitive and religious targets to disrupt religious harmony and fuel sectarian strife here in the Punjab Capital during this year (2010), leaving more than 250 people dead and injuring hundreds other. They carried out deadly suicide bombings and brazen gun and bomb attacks, targeting military convey in RA Bzaar, SIA building in Model Town, two worship places of Ahmadis in Garhi Shahu and Model Town, Jinnah Hospital, Data Darbar, and mourners at Karbla Gamay Shah procession. At least 20 powerful blasts have hit the City since 2008, leaving over 425 people dead and 2,000 injured. The first attack this year took place in Model Town, where terrorists hit the building of Special Investigation Agency (SIA) of police with an explosion laden vehicle in March, leaving 13 people dead injuring several others. Four days later, two suicide bombers struck military vehicles back-to-back in the sensitive locality of RA Bazaar in Cantonment area, killing at least 48 people including eight army officials and injuring more than 134 others. In May, at least 10 terrorists equipped with sophisticated weapons stormed into two leading worship places of Ahmadis in Model Town and Garhi Shahu areas during Friday prayers, killing more than 95 people and injuring about 200 others. In June, four terrorists struck at the Emergency Department of the Jinnah Hospital, leaving 12 people dead and injuring scores of others. In July, Triple suicide blasts at the shrine of renowned Sufi saint of the Sub-Continent Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA), popularly known as Data Gunj Bakhsh, left more than 46 devotees including five children, dead and injured over 175 others. In September, suicide bombers targeted a Shia mourning procession on the eve of Youm-e-Ali near Karbala Gamay Shah, leading more than 32 people dead and injuring scores others. As the Pakistans intelligence agencies captured or killed important Taliban and Al-Qaeda figures during successful operations in various parts of the country, the terrorists stepped up coward attacks, targeting innocent people in urban area. The Pakistani intelligence agencies had been sending advance information to civil law-enforcing departments that RAW is sponsoring attacks in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other places, but the police failed to stop bombing at soft targets. Mosques and shrines are symbols of peace for the followers of all the religions and no one can even think of violating their sanctity but terrorists are targeting these holy places for the fulfillment of their nefarious designs. Armed attacks and suicide blasts in shrines, mosques, markets and public places by anti state elements and terrorists are deplorable. Terrorist attacks on Mosques and Shrines are slanderous for Islam and are defaming the virtues of Islam. There is a need to unite against such hostile elements to frustrate their efforts to spoil the atmosphere in the holy places, religious leaders say. Late US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrook had acceded that terrorists are being funded by sources outside Pakistan. This funding needs to be stopped, security experts say. Pakistan Armed Forces are continuously at war with terrorists in FATA and are inflicting heavy losses on them. The true face of Taliban has been exposed by their attacks on mosques, shrines and schools. Taliban are actually following an anti-Islamic agenda.