KARACHI (PPI) - The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has invited the attention of the Trade Associations that they are not permitted to alter the set parameters of commodities and should not under any circumstances make changes to the standards laid down by the statuary bodies. President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said it has been observed that Trade Associations are indulging in resetting standards of the respective commodities pertaining to their bodies and creating difficulties for shippers as global destinations do not accept alterations by them and the standards are well defined in the nomenclatures. Abdul Rauf Kirmani convener of Standardization Committee of UNISAME said that the grading and standards formulation of products and semi finished products has always remained under the domain of Statutory bodies like Agri, livestock Marketing & Grading (ALMA) under MINFAL for grading purposes and PSQCA under Ministry of Science & Technology for industrial standards formulations on product standardization . Both the organization's work is recognized by the WTO / TBT. As per the SPS and TBT agreements, the designated National Enquiry Points (NEPs)lie with PSQCA & ALMA respectively for TBT and SPS measures. He added that the WTO and TBT agreements fully endorses the laid down procedures of both the National Enquiry Points working at PSQCA & ALMA. The official and basis of all the agreement are those laid down standards and procedures by both the national organization. The PSQCA Act 1996 and Marketing Grading Act,1984 provides the necessary constitutional cover for both the organization. The EU as signatory of both these agreement follows the rules of WTO / TBT.UK has also British Standards Institution (BSI)been declared the NEP for UK. He emphasized that no other organization is entitled to set down procedures or standards as acceptable to international/ regional / national organization or for the agreements, so reached. Trade associations have no mandate to set any standard or alter the set parameters in the Pakistan Standard on any commodity, as their only concern is the promotion of trade. However if any grading, labeling or requirement need to be amended / deleted/ revised, the trade association has to approach the DG PSQCA or the Secretary of the Agriculture & Food Division of SDC for further consideration and evaluation by the relevant National Technical Committee of Experts.