Taliban have rejected the Annual Review of Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategy by saying that, 'it is a failed strategy, not only on the military side but also in civilian and administrative affairs. Corruption, insecurity and also the civilian casualties are a result of failed American strategy. Moreover they claimed that Obamas aim of starting to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Afghanistan next year is the result not of success, but of the pressure on the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, owing to the high casualties of the U.S. forces and the high cost of the war, which they can no longer afford. Even the leadership of the Afghan Taliban issued a state-ment characterizing the alliances adoption of a loose timeline for a 2014 end to combat operations as good news for Afghans and a sign of failure for the American government. Ground realities also tell the same story that US-NATO military strategy in Afghanistan has failed because of the failure of their political strategy. The political strategy is not working thats why the military strategy is not successful. The Afghan government has failed to give equitable and balanced representation to Pashtuns who form the majority of Taliban militia. Since after nine year of war, nobody realizes where the weaponry comes from for these terrorists. Allied forces are giving protection money to the warlords and Taliban. Poppy is being cultivated as usual and drug money is used to bribe the terrorists. Despite increased Special Operations Forces raids and US-led air strikes, the insurgency in Afghanistan is spreading and growing stronger. As the late Richard Holbrooke, said: a military victory in Afghanistan is not possible. Actually its the US wrong strategies in Afghanistan that led them to failure, though US has said that their strategy is working and is on track but yes it will be more likely to say that Obamas strategy in Afghanistan is on track and the track runs in a circle. MAYRA MUFTI, Lahore