ISLAMABAD Although PPP leaders of various tiers have consistently been alleging that then president Pervez Musharraf was also among those responsible for the assassination of Ms Benazir Bhutto, the party has taken no practical steps to bring the former dictator to justice. In private conversations, however, they say that proceeding against a former army chief and that too in a murder case is unimaginable in Pakistan. As a result, some of the real killers of the late prime minister remain un-identified or away from the long arm of the law till today when the PPP is observing the third death anniversary of their leader on Monday. When the matter is taken up with the leadership, they prefer to keep silent, or come up with prevarications. PPP Central Information Secretary Fouzia Wahab did not agree with the notion that the ruling party was doing nothing in Ms Benazir Bhuttos assassination case. She claimed that a lot of progress had been made and police officers, who were responsible for moving away the security, deployed for the PPP rally at Liaquat Bagh, and hosing down the crime scene just 40 minutes after the attack on Ms Bhuttos cavalcade, had been sent behind bars. She said the accused have started spilling the beans. On the other hand, former ISI chief Lt. Gen. (retd) Hamid Gul said being the most powerful man at the time, Gen. Musharraf was, in a way, responsible for Ms Bhuttos security and should be questioned by the investigators. However, he hastened to add that a government which had failed to try him under Article 6 of the Constitution and had, instead, given him an honourable send off 'under a deal could not be expected to proceed against him. Ms Fouzia said that PPP was struggling against the forces of status quo, and without naming the 'Establishment said that continuity of the political process would discipline the 'unbridled institutions and bring them within their legal and constitutional limits. She said the PPP was very serious about the probe into the murder of Ms Benazir Bhutto, but made it clear that the party did not want to influence the legal process. She left it to the law enforcement agencies and court of law to decide the matter. Answering a question about United Nations report on the assassination of Ms Bhutto, she said as the matter was sub-judice she would not like to offer any comment on it. A senior party leader, on condition of anonymity, said the governments silence about Gen Mushrrafs role in Ms Bhuttos assassination was part of his exit deal which was brokered by international powers and Muslim states, including US, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia. However, Gen Hamid Gul said in the presence of all powerful and independent Supreme Court of Pakistan he saw no hurdle in proceeding against Gen (retd) Mushrraf. According to him, it was the part of the deal, under which Gen Musharraf stepped down, that he would not only be given safe exit but would also be given honourable send of.