Before October 30, 2011the people said that Imran Khan had no team to compete in the upcoming elections. After the Lahore jalsa, big political figures like Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Azam Khan Swati, Khurshid Kasuri and Sardar Assef Ali joined PTI but was criticized and labeled as lota party. Javed Hashmi’s joining the PTI has answered these critics . Now critics have started saying that these big political giants will have influence on Imran Khan’s ideology or vision. These people are questioning the person who never compromised on his principles from the very beginning. Don’t they know he is the person who dropped his brother from his team and whose father had to wait in queue like a common patient when he visited Shaukat Khanam for treatment. These people have spoken a lot and will speak in the future regardless of what the situation is. But that day is not far that they will have nothing to talk of.

Haroon Ur Rashid,

Lahore, December 24