The killing of 111 people, in addition to over 100 injured in 48 hours is, indeed,  a massacre. However, responsibility for all this lies not with Bashar Al-Asad's forces alone, but also with protesters who are becoming increasingly violent, with agents of states opposed to Syria having infiltrated their movement. With Iraq up in flames eternally, and Libya destabilised, the agents of United States and Israel, with their kith and kin in Europe and elsewhere, are after Syria now. If Syrians are not careful, they could end up in an Iraq-like situation and I do not think that would be to their benefit, but of course their enemies will be jubilant, and will gladly supply them arms and ammunition to kill each other, while they will be watching all this with great satisfaction. Ban Ki-moon, the most obedient servant of US and its pack, would, indeed, be strenuously trying to arrange some Libya-like UN resolution but luckily Russia and China are unlikely to allow these forces to repeat their mischief, having seen how US, France and others had violated and gone far beyond their mandate in Libya, becoming actual combatants

A silver lining in the cloud is the statement by Arab League Secretary-Geneal Nabil Elaraby that an observer team would go to Syria on Thursday to prepare the way for 150 monitors to arrive by end-December in order to oversee the implementation of the peace accord. Surely, an orderly transition to democracy would be in the best interests of the Syrians but that would require restraint and patience by all concerned. A sudden and violent dismantling of the existing state structure would just create chaotic conditions, with killings that are described now as massacre becoming routine just like Iraq.

I hope and pray all Syrian people, including the rulers, make honest efforts to bring about an orderly transition to democracy which is coming anyway.

Mudassir Zafar Ali Khan,

Karachi, December 26.