Imran Khan, the PTI’s Chief, has turned tables on opposition with a tsunami of a crowd on December 25. For those who considered Imran Khan a non-entity it should serve as eye-opener. Hackneyed languages full of slogans and promises that have never been fulfilled by the so-called leaders have annoyed the masses. People, especially youth, are looking for change in this corrupt political setup, the change that could bring the affairs of state back on the track. When there is no security and safety of life Imran has come forward to give us protection. He has pointed out flaws in our social, political and economic systems. He is a charismatic figure and has achieved his targets successfully. However, he must know that politics is a different ball game and he is playing with different players and stakeholders. Here the rejected leaders of other parties may give his mission more harm than benefit. The well orchestrated speeches of Imran are being welcomed by people by and large. At the same time, the major lacuna in the PTI is absence of its detailed agenda which the party will follow after winning election. The soft corner for the Taliban may isolate him from the common man. Economic policy plus roadmap for improvement in literacy and employment will give him a boost. He should also announce his foreign policy, policy on foreign loans and give an idea of relationship with United States so that doubts in some peoples’ mind stand removed. This will provide due momentum to his campaign and make him a hero of politics like cricket.


Islamabad, December 23