LAHORE  - Arshad Ansari has been elected as Lahore Press Club president for year 2014 in its annual elections held on Wednesday.

Arshad Ansari, a candidate from Journalist Panel, has bagged 812 votes while his opponent Mayed Ali Syed, the candidate from Progressive Panel, bagged 628 votes.

Asif Chaudhry from Progressive Panel has been elected as Finance Secretary as he secured 723 votes, while his opponent candidate Zulfiqar Ali Mehto from Journalist Panel secured 694 votes.

The club members have welcomed the new face, Asif Chaudhry, in the club politics by saying that the repeaters candidates should be discouraged.

According to the election commission result, Afzal Talib has become Vice President by getting 774 votes, while his opponent candidate Zaheer Ahmad Babar obtained 632 votes. Shahbaz Mian of JP has been elected as Secretary of the LPC as he secured 850 votes while his rival candidate Syed Shoaib-ud-Din bagged 526 votes.

Farazana Chaudhry has been elected as Joint Secretary by getting 746 votes while his opponent candidate Saima Nawaz secured 682 votes.

Zahid Rafiq Bhatti, Khawaja Naseer, Qamar Zaman Bhatti, Rizwan Khalid, Imran Shiekh, Amjad Usmani, Mehboob Ahmad and Bilal Ghauri have also been elected as members of the governing body. In the elections, only 1472 members of the club used their right to elect their candidates.