LAHORE - A team of the Federal Investigation Agency on Thursday raided the Central Secretariat of the PML-N in Lahore’s Model Town area.

An official said the raid was conducted in connection with the ongoing investigation into the video scandal involving Accountability Judge who had issued a verdict against Nawaz Sharif in a corruption reference last year.

A PML-N spokesman claimed the FIA team raided the office in Model Town to confiscate record related to the video scandal of former judge Arshad Malik. Following the raid, Ataullah Tarar told reporters that a four-member team comprising a female officer had raided the Secretariat building.

Two days ago, the FIA had summoned three outspoken leaders of the PML-N in the video scandal.

Senator Pervaiz Rashid, PML-N Punjab Information Secretary Uzma Bokhari, and Deputy Secretary General Ataullah Tarar had been summoned on December 30 and December 27 respectively. They were asked to appear before an investigation at the FIA’s Lahore office in order to record their statements.

In July, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz had made public a controversial video showing the judge confessing that he had convicted Nawaz Sharif in Al-Azizia case without any evidence and under duress. Later, the judge was barred by the Law Ministry from serving on the position.

The PML-N spokesman further said the raid was carried out to confiscate record related to a press conference held Maryam Nawaz. He said while no action had been taken against judge Arshad Malik but the PML-N is being targeted by Prime Minister Imran Khan as part of his politics of victimisation.

Tarar said his party would never succumb to the vengeful tactics being employed by the PTI regime. Tarar also claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had removed former head of FIA Bashir Memon because he refused to implement illegal orders.

Meanwhile, PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb while strongly condemning the FIA raid said the party would stage a protest rally to condemn this unlawful act of harassment, vandalism, violation of law and constitutional rights.

In a statement, she said the PML-N had decided to register an FIR of dacoity against Wajid Zia. According to her, this illegal raid by FIA has proved that everything Judge Bashir Ahmed Memon stated in the video was true to the last word.

This also proved that the video of Judge Arshad Malik was absolutely authentic and he sentenced Nawaz Sharif under pressure.

She also alleged that the raid was conducted on the orders of Imran Khan. “Just because this imposed regime of the selected Prime Minister could not find a single evidence of corruption, therefore, he has now stooped down further to use FIA to harass and pressurise the PML-N,” she said.