LOS ANGELES (GN): The 30-year-old singer broke down her song-writing process during an interview with The New York Times released.

“I’ve never really been able to fully explain song-writing other than it’s like this, like, little glittery cloud floats in front of your face, and you grab it at the right time and then you revert back to what you know about the structure of a song in order to fill in the gaps,” she told the newspaper for its “Diary of a Song” segment.

Swift had been wanting to write a song like “Lover” for years; however, it wasn’t until a night in Nashville that inspiration struck.

“I’d been thinking for years, ‘God it would just be so great to have, like, a song that people who are in love would want to dance to—like slow dance to,’” she said. “In my head, I had, like, the last two people on the dance floor at 3:00 a.m. swaying.” Taylor Swift Shares Unfiltered Side of Kanye West Feu