LAHORE- Punjab Assembly administration on Thursday closed Assembly doors on Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal and other members reportedly after receiving orders from Governor's House, thereby forcing him to hold the controversial session in the open outside assembly premises. Legally, Speaker Punjab Assembly is custodian of the Assembly premises, and no authority can lock the building without his permission. Police is responsible for protection of Assembly building, and can take necessary measures on its own for its safety, yet it has no authority to close its doors on members without Speaker's sanction. The police, however, did not close the doors of Punjab Assembly on Thursday, as the same was done by Assembly staff, and that too without Speaker's permission. When the Speaker alongwith other assembly members reached assembly's main entrance to attend the session at around 10 am, he found the doors locked from inside. Assembly security staff deployed outside expressed its inability to open the doors for their boss, saying the doors were closed from inside and they had no contact with the staff inside the building. On arrival, the Speaker was surprised to find that police had rounded up around 15 MPAs. The police also tried to arrest the Speaker but assembly security staff saved him from police by making a circle around their boss. The police had to retreat seeing some 50 more MPAs reaching the spot. It also had to set free 15 MPAs it had detained earlier in a police van. The Speaker, however, stopped the MPAs from breaking Assembly doors, and instead decided to hold the session in the open out side the Assembly building. A senior member of Assembly security staff told this scribe on condition of anonymity that he along with his other colleagues closed and locked all entry points of Punjab Assembly including its main entrance on the orders of Secretary Assembly, Maqsood Ahmad Malik, who, according to sources, also attended a meeting at Governor's House early in the morning. He said all keys of locked entry points were also handed over to Secretary Assembly, and they were lying with him. When contacted, Secretary Assembly denied having ordered closure of the entry points. He said he was totally unaware of the whole episode, as the doors had been locked much before his arrival in the Assembly. Malik said that Speaker Punjab Assembly will inquire into the matter when things return to normality. A PML-N legislator, Moeen Wattoo, who spent Thursday night at assembly cafetaria, alongwith three other members got stranded inside the building, as he could not come out before closure of the doors. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal while talking to this scribe expressed his ignorance as to who had ordered closure of the building. He said nobody contacted him before taking this illegal step. Rana said he was custodian of the House and the entire assembly premises, but had no idea as to when and how the building was locked. He said he would soon order an inquiry into the matter. Earlier, while talking to media, Rana Iqbal said it was illegal and unconstitutional to stop Speaker and other members of the Assembly from entering assembly premises to prevent them from attending the session. He said it was unprecedented in country's political history, which has been done by those who claim to be champions of democracy. He said rulers had set an undemocratic tradition by stopping members from attending Assembly session. The Speaker started the session at around 10:33 am just in front of Assembly building. Around 130 members belonging to PML-N attended the sitting, whose Constitutionality is being questioned in govt circles. Like Wednesday's assembly sitting, no member of the PPP or PML-Q and latter's forward bloc turned up to be part of the proceedings. Rana Sanaullah presented a privilege motion terming locking of the Assembly building an insult to the members and the entire house, and the same was handed over to the Privilege Committee of the House. The Speaker on this occasion observed that Assembly had neither been dissolved nor suspended, and even had it been the case, the Speaker retains his office and remains custodian of the House in both cases. The Assembly, through another resolution, also demanded resignation of President Asif Ali Zardari for what it said creating constitutional, social and political crisis in the country. 'The Presidential step of influencing the court verdict and imposing Governor's Rule in the province has created many a crises in the country', said Malik Nawaz mover of the resolution. According to him, Zardari had lost moral authority to rule the country, and hence it was better for him to quit the Presidency forthwith. All sitting members passed the resolution in no time. The Speaker adjourned the sitting till Friday at 10 am. Earlier, the police had encircled the Assembly building with barbed wire since morning, but removed all obstacles later on when more MPAs led by Speaker forced their entry into the Assembly courtyard. Meanwhile, Rana Sanaullah, said on Thursday while talking to reporters that imposition of Governor's Rule and locking of the Assembly building had proved that PPP lacked the required numerical strength to get its own man elected as leader of the house. He alleged that PPP will try to complete the numbers through horse-trading during these two months. He said closure of the Assembly building had left no option with the PML-N but to take to the streets. Earlier, police sealed off all entry points to the Assembly with barbed wire to stop protestors and assembly members from entering into the Assembly. It, however, removed the obstacles later on after receiving instructions from above. Meanwhile, a good number of workers belonging to PML-N, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Pukhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party and lawyers gathered outside Punjab Assembly and raised slogans against President Asif Ali Zardari. They also burnt President's effigy to give vent to their anger against him.