KARACHI  - In an impressive display of naval fire power, front line combat units of Pakistan Navy Fleet on Wednesday conducted Live Weapon Firing in North Arabian Sea on Wednesday.

Admiral Asif Sandila, Chief of the Naval Staff, along with Pakistan Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Khan Hasham Bin Siddique witnessed the firings onboard PNS NASR.

The demonstration included firing of anti-surface missiles from Fast Attack Craft (Missile) and Sea King helicopter. The missiles successfully engaged the targets thus reasserting the offensive punch of Pakistan Navy’s fleet. Operational efficiency of surface and aerial attack capability ushers in a new era and a quantum increase in combat potential of Pakistan Navy.

Admiral Asif Sandila expressed satisfaction on the combat readiness of the PN Fleet. He appreciated display of professionalism by the participating squadrons. He praised the fleet’s personnel for their commitment and hard work to protect the maritime interests of Pakistan. “In the prevalent volatile environment, a continuous credible deterrence at sea is vital not only for maritime security but also for economic security of Pakistan,” he added.