The world is facing a deep distress over environmental pollution. Several conventions and debates are being organized across the world in efforts to sojourn the lingering curse of greenhouse emission, water pollution and deforestation. When the world is looking at Pakistan through the prism of corruption, violence and terrorism, amid such stiffness, KPK government has presented something valuable to the world by projecting a step towards a healthy environment in efforts to make the world Green again. This hallmark project has been audited and appreciated by various international organisations. The Billion Tree Project is estimated to be equivalent to “40 Changa Manga Jungles” of Punjab and will contribute to the healthy environment of the country specifically and the world generally. 

However, the opposition parties mainly – PML-N has rejected the plantation of the trees and stated the claim baseless and deceitful. Critics are welcomed everywhere for the betterment and corrections. But here the critics are criticizing for a political purpose; and resultantly, they are rebuffing the audit reports of International and Independent organizations e.g. WWF. We as a nation should or should not rejoice over the gigantic contribution that we have gifted our generations and the world. Indeed, we should not only celebrate but we should show our celebrations to the world that as a nation we are capable of committing such good deeds. Such reforms are imperative for our upcoming generations, and it will project a positive picture of Pakistan across the world. 


Larkana, February 12.