ISLAMABAD " Senators both from from treasury and Opposition benches called for early conclusion of military operation in Swat and pulling out armed forces from the Valley. Speaking on an adjournment motion moved by Senator Ilyas Bilour, Senators from both sides of the political divide stressed the government to work out an effective strategy for restoring peace in the restive Valley before the militancy comes down to the federal capital and plains of the country. Leader of the House Mian Raza Rabbani Rabbani informed the Senate that Pakistan has certain compulsions and limitations to hit down US drones adding that strong protest has been lodged with the US Ambassador on border violations of Pakistan following the installation of new government in US. He said this while giving reply to a point of order raised by Senator Khurshid Ahmad here in Senate. Senator Ilyas Bilour, while initiating debate on the motion, said that forces responsible for the fall of Dhaka were backing militancy in the scenic Valley. He said that provincial government had no writ in the district and that the federal government should take effective measures for bringing peace back to the once most liberal and peaceful Valley. He said that Swat be declared a war zone as people were feeling no security in the Valley. Senator Abdur Rahim Mandokhel said that NWFP was experiencing the worst kind of barbarism but parliamentarians were not feeling the intensity of the situation. He said that banning female education in Swat resembled to acts of Changez Khan who blazed libraries in the Muslim world. He said that if Taliban wished to impose their brand of Islam in the region, then, he suggested, they should contest elections. Senator Razina Alam Khan said that the Valley once had the best education system with more than 1500 schools including 571 for girls. She said that destruction of girls' schools was anti-Islamic as getting education was the duty of every Muslim. Senator Haji Adeel said that Swat Valley was once the most liberal and safest place for tourism. He said that government's failure to implement Sharia regulations worsened the situation in the district. He said that destruction of schools and brutal killing was being carried out during the curfew. He said that there was no writ of government and warned that the insurgency would make its way to Islamabad and Lahore if not controlled. He said that militancy in Swat was linked to a great game against Pukhtoons. Adeel deplored that majority of the Senators were not present and the rest were busy in conversations despite the fact that a serious matter was being discussed in the House. Senator Prof Ibrahim said that more than a million people had been internally displaced due to the militancy in Swat. He said that a proper constitutional system be framed and implemented in restive areas of the province and FATA. He said that Taliban and Army were the same, as shells fired by both of them were falling on common people, not on their posts. He deplored that the Army didn't accept the peace deal the ANP-led coalition government of NWFP had struck with the Taliban. Senator Dr Saad said that Swat people had no trust in military operation and they took both Army and Taliban for the same. He deplored that neither the President nor the Prime Minister ever visited the restive district or camps of the internally displaced people. Meanwhile, Leader of the House Mian Raza Rabbani and Senator Tariq Azeem entered in a verbal brawl after the latter produced a letter in the House written by Shaukat Tarin, Advisor on Finance, to the IMF praising the financial policies of the previous government. Raza Rabbani, however, strictly denied any such letter written by the incumbent government to the Fund. Senator Wasim Sajjad, on a point of order, urged the government to take measures for the release of 38 Pakistani nationals from Yemen's jail. Rabbani informed that the respective embassy had been directed by the Foreign Office in this regard. Leader of the House, while responding to a point of order raised by Prof Khurshid, said that the government never compromised on the country's sovereignty and condemned US drone attacks. He said that intelligence information should be shared with Pakistan so that our own forces carry out military operations. Senator Haji Adeel and Senator Kamran Murtaza pointed out that there was no person in the Planning Commission (PC) from any province other than Punjab. They said that it was unfair that Punjab should formulate policies for the whole country. Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf informed that presently there was a shortage of 1400 megawatts of electricity. He said that the government was making all-out efforts to add 3500 megawatts of electricity to the system so that the menace of load-shedding is wiped away by December 31.