ISLAMABAD - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Monday asked the government to shun following policies of Musharraf regime. "The government should recoil from the policies adopted by the Musharraf regime as the blind following of the past government policies would take the country nowhere", he said while talking to media at the Parliament House. Expressing grave concern over the law and order situation in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), the Maulana said the government writ had totally fizzled out in Fata and Swat. He urged the govt to keep on lodging its protest to the US administration over the drone attacks inside Pakistan. Fazalur Rehman warned the new US President Barack Hussein Obama of challenges looming ahead, saying that President Obama would have to save the human beings of the world from the war hysteria of the US administration. "Obama is facing the policies of George W Bush. Since Obama has talked of a change, the world is waiting for the change Obama is talking about. The unnecessary use of power has gripped the entire world into war hysteria. Obama would have to face this challenge," he said. The Maulana advised the new US Administration to review the situation in Afghanistan and take a prudent decision vis-a-vis Afghanistan as increasing the number of armed forces would not serve the purpose of restoring peace in entire region. Fazl, who is also Chairman Kashmir Committee, said the government would have to review all the issues including the country's foreign policy and implementation over the consensus security resolution passed by the joint sitting of the Parliament. "We would have to shun the policies adopted by the former government. It is the prime responsibility of the Foreign Ministry to review the foreign policy and reframe it. The National Security Committee would monitor the process of new policies in letter and in spirit to the joint resolution on terrorism," he added. Online adds: Fazl while criticising the Punjab government regarding taking control of mosque, educational institutes and welfare trust of Jamaatud Daawa said the provincial government should not cross the limits. He expressed these views while meeting the party delegation. He said the government had failed to face the foreign pressure. He commented that there was a great need to work on diplomatic front. He stated that those who were relying on the US government should realise after the US drones attacks. He urged of the govt to record its protest to US government against the drones attack while change in US government would not bring change in Pakistan.