ISLAMABAD (APP) - Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik Monday told the National Assembly that law and order situation in Swat is likely to be resolved within a couple of weeks as government is taking measures to establish its writ in the area. Responding to points of orders raised by different members, the Interior Advisor said the situation in Swat deteriorated after the Taliban broke their promise with the government in an agreement. He said the government is following the policy of 3-D, under which "we moved to Hangu and established peace; stepped in Khyber Agency where 25 Christians were abducted but we established government's writ there and followed the same pursuit in Bajaur. "Let us go to Bajaur now and I would accompany you to there without any hesitation," said Rehman Malik. He said 15-20 Taliban have taken over villages while the schools are already closed due to holidays from December to March, adding that we are moving ahead to restore peace. "I cannot disclose the strategy here we are adopting to restore peace in Swat, but I assure this House that a visible difference would be seen in a couple of weeks," Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior stated. Earlier, PML-Q MNA Barjees Tahir drew the attention of the House to a list of 43 people on the hit-list of Taliban in Swat and questioned about the performance of National Security Committee, constituted after the joint session of both the Houses. He asked the government how Taliban dare to attack schools despite the presence of security forces and imposition of curfew in the area. Akram Masih said Swat situation is getting more and more sensitive and urged the government to ensure the safety of the people including Parliamentarians enlisted by Taliban for actions. PML-N MNA Ayaz Amir opposed the words of Interior Advisor saying that the situation was totally contrary to the statement he made before the House, adding that the government has lost its writ in all the areas including Hangu and Swat. Captain (r) Safdar criticised the members for naming the NWF province as Pukhtoonkhwa in the House despite the fact that the name has not been amended by any of the Houses of Parliament and sought the ruling of the chair in this regard. PML-Q MNA Amir Muqam, who is also on Taliban's hit list, also opposed the Interior Advisor saying that the situation in Swat and other areas are deteriorating by the day, urging the government to take action against militants to save the country. Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour criticised the words of retired Captain Safdar, and said the name 'Pukhtoonkhwa' has been passed in the provincial assembly and former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had also agreed on the same name in 1997. MNA Nasir Ali Shah said terrorist incidents are increasing by the day in Quetta where people of Hazara community are being targeted and urged the government to resolve situation otherwise "it may prove as another Bajaur and Swat." MNA Abdul Malik Wazir said it would be great achievement of the government if it saves the country from disintegration during the prevailing situation. He said despite unanimous resolution on national security, the government could not stop the drone attacks by United States in tribal areas, what he said is against the dignity of our army and territorial sovereignty. The National Assembly was told on Monday that the government was fully committed to hold census in the current year and steps were being taken in this regard. Responding to a question from Chaudhry Birjees Tahir, Hina Rabbani Khar, Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs said that the government would take steps to give full autonomy to the Statistics Division in near future. Hina Rabbani Khar said that livestock censuses in the country have been conducted in 1976,1986,1996 and 2006. She said that it was correct that the figures of livestock were not as authentic as they should have been. She said that presently the Prime Minister's Livestock and Dairy Development Programme launched by the government aim to improve the health and yield of the livestock in the country. Replying to a question from Yasmeen Rehman she said that several steps are being taken to broaden the tax base. While answering a question from Marvi Memon,she said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme envisages containment of both the current account and the fiscal deficits through fiscal and monetary adjustments and via placing limits on bank borrowing from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).