REYKJAVIK (AFP) - Iceland's President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson accepted on Monday the resignation of Prime Minister Geir Haarde's coalition government after its collapse in the wake of the economic crisis. "I have accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet," Grimsson told reporters at the presidential residence, Bessastadir. "I have also requested that the ministers ... continue until a new government has been formed," he said a few hours after Haarde announced that the government was resigning. The government's collapse came just days after Haarde called for snap elections on May 9 in which he would not run due to health reasons, after months of protests calling for the government's resignation. Many Icelanders blame the government for the Icelandic financial sector's meltdown in October, which led the state to take control of three major banks as the economy and currency faltered badly. The outgoing coalition, made up of Haarde's Independence Party and the Social Democrats since May 2007, had been in negotiations since the weekend, with the junior coalition partner demanding the post of prime minister. The leaders of all of the political parties in parliament have been called to Bessastadir later Monday to see if a new government can be formed with the support of a parliamentary majority. Haarde said Monday he would try to form a broad national coalition government representing all the parties in parliament. But the Social Democrats said they were eyeing a coalition with the Left Green Party. Grimsson was expected to meet with party leaders later Monday to sound them out on their preferences.