LAHORE - Prof Dr Hassan Rahim Porazghadi, an eminent Iranian scholar and professor at Tehran University, Iran, has said the time has come for the Muslim countries to get united against Western forces of imperialism and capitalism, and fight against them until they destroy the Muslim countries one after another. Unity must be precipitated by shunning sectarian and divide in country-to-country but on the basis of Kalima and the Quran. The Muslim countries should help each other for their defense, he said adding that only then, the West would change its stance towards Muslims and Islam or they would perish like socialists. He was delivering a lecture at Hameed Nizami Hall organised by The Nation on Monday. Taeiq Ismail Sagar conducted the programme. Dr Porazghadi said that in comparison with a century back the Muslims today had risen to the occasion and putting tough resistance in Gaza and Lebanon. He said, "The imperialists have misinterpreted 'terrorism' and without thinking linked it with Islam" while Islam itself was against terrorism. However, he said, Islam ordains Jehad which is launched against the enemies of humanity. He said that due to the propaganda of the Western media, wrong information was aired about Iran regarding Iraq and Afghanistan. The questions aimed at creating confusion about Iran, he said adding that some similar questions afterwards were raised about Iran's nuclear programme while it was for peaceful purpose. He said that nobody till date had asked the imperialist forces why they came to Iraq and Afghanistan and had been attacking Gaza. Praising the services rendered by the Nazaria Pakistan Trust (NPT), Dr Porazghadi said that it should assist those who try to develop nuclear technology for production of energy. He said the Western world had been suffering from the economic recession whereas in the East and Muslim world there was no economic crisis. Unfortunately, the Western crisis was being regarded as world crisis for the ulterior motives, he claimed and added that in the same way they (West) were labeling Iranian nuclear programme as a world issue. He said the real cause of this crisis was the multi-national companies. They created crisis in Afghanistan to send their members there. The imperialism promoted war and anarchy for their own benefit. They killed people in the name of modernism and this task was done during 16 to 18th century, Dr Porazghadi said. The Iranian Prof further said the Western imperialists had now adopted a new procedure to gain influence through media and neo-colonialism instead of direct conflict. They also do not hesitate to resort to violence. They don't believe in ethics and morality and follow the Machiavellian politics. He said according to a German scholar, imperialism was bound to perish. He said besides the multi-national companies, International organisations like the World Bank and the IMF also contributed in creating the economic crisis. He said the World Bank and IMF did not ever act upon the rules they framed for themselves. For instance, women rights, poverty alleviation and other organisations were being just used by them for their own benefits, Dr Porazghadi concluded.