FEROZEWALA - A large number of activists of banned Jamaatud Daawa and several religious activists took out a protest rally against the handing over the Muridke Dawa office to a administrator here on Monday. The protesters chanted slogans against the divisional administration and declared the step unjustified. Speaking at the rally, religious leaders including Allama Shamshad, Allama Saifullah Manzoor, Hafeez Mahmood Zaman and others said that Jamaatud Daawa Muridke headquarter was just a religious institution and not linked with any defunt organisation. The speakers asked the govt to withdraw the administrator and run the institution according to its routine. Agencies add: more than 200 protesters demonstrated to protest over govt's move. "Death to America", "Death to Israel and Jews", shouted the protesters, carrying banners and placards that read: "Cancel administrator's appointment," "Remove the ban on Jamaatud Daawa" and "We condemn the UN resolution." The Punjab govt Sunday appointed civil servant Khaqan Babar to run the schools and hospital at the sprawling headquarters of JD in Muridke, outside Lahore. "I will take charge of my office on Tuesday," Babar told AFP in Lahore. Under intense international pressure, Pakistan cracked down on JD after the carnage in Mumbai, arresting dozens of members, placing more than 120 others under house arrest including founder Hafiz Saeed, and freezing its assets. Abu Ehsan, a former JD administrator, criticised Sunday's appointment. "This is a wrong step. First the government, under American and Indian pressure, placed a ban through the UN and now the Punjab government has. "We strongly condemn this action and ask the government to review its decision," he told AFP. Sumbul Majeed, a seventh grade student at a JD school, said she was unaware any overseer had been appointed by the government. There are 425 girls and 450 boys at Daawa Model School and Science College, Ehsan said. Fees range from Rs200 to Rs800 for the prep department to 12th grade, paid only by those parents who can afford it.