KARACHI - In order to seek Chinese support to counter the mounting American pressure on the Muslim world, especially on Pakistan, a high-level Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) delegation led by its Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmed, will visit Beijing from February 8th to 16th, well-informed sources confided to The Nation on Monday. The delegation, also comprising other central leaders of the JI, will discuss the Palestine, Kashmir and others issues confronting the Muslim world with the Chinese leadership during the visit. When contacted, JI General Secretary Munawar Hassan, confirmed that his party delegation would visit China to discuss anti-Muslim polices of the US against the Muslim world in the name of 'war on terror'. "In the present scenario, the US policies are of vital concern for the entire Islamic entire world and China", he said. Referring to the role of Muslims and some Arab countries during the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip, Munawar Hassan said that only 13 countries, including the non-member country Iran, had attended the Doha summit of Arab League on the issue of Israeli aggression. He added that the Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt; the leading countries of the Arab world, did not attended that important meeting held to discuss Zionist aggression against Palestinians. The JI leader disclosed informed that leading Muslim scholar Yousuf Al-Qadharvi was also visiting the Islamic countries to evolve a joint strategy to counter the US policies against the Muslim world. Munawar Hassan continued that in the meeting with Chinese leadership, the JI delegation would discuss the burning issues confronting the Muslim world such as Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Afghanistan.