ISLAMABAD " Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani said expansion of the federal cabinet was aimed at giving further representation to political parties and to keep the political system stable. Premier Gliani was responding to the questions posed by media men here on Monday after inauguration of a conference on medical education. "Nobody had criticised the hiring of consultants and advisors on hefty pay in the previous government, so the criticism of cabinet expansion is unwarranted when ministers are not paid highly," he remarked. To a question, the Prime Minister said the 17th Amendment could be repealed with consensus and with the support of two thirds majority in National Assembly and Senate. To a question regarding the Long March announced by the lawyers community in the month of March, Premier Gilani said it was their right to do so, adding that the government had facilitated the participants of the previous Long March and it would do the same this time as well. Gilani said the parallel system of courts set up by militants were not acceptable and added that they would come down hard on all those found challenging the writ of the government. He also expressed his concern over the law and order situation in Dera Ismail Khan. "The incidents of suicide bombing have increased. I have asked for a report from the administration," he added. The Prime Minister said the investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks was in progress and the findings would be shared with everybody. To a question about drone attacks in Pakistani territory, Gilani said Barrack Obama was voted to power for change but the new administration was still in transition and hoped that things would improve in due course of time. As people voted for change here in the February elections, people in United States also voted for change, he added. He said there was some consensus on policies with the previous US administration. But the previous policy of America was not working as the situation in Afghanistan was not normal, he added. He said during his visit to Davos to attend the World Economic Forum, he would meet with world leaders on the sidelines and discuss issues related to Pakistan.