ISLAMABAD " Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) is to decide about the fate of the proposed draft bill it had handed over to the PPP for repealing 17th Amendment when its Central Executive Committee (CWC) meets here Tuesday. The meeting to be presided over by Mian Nawaz Sharif will also discuss the political situation in the country with special reference to the forthcoming Senate elections and reorganization by starting countrywide membership campaign. The meeting, party sources said, would discuss and decide the strategy about the proposed draft bill, its timeframe and modalities of tabling it in the National Assembly. It was learnt that the proposed bill leaves the option of dissolving the assemblies with the president only on the advice of the prime minister and seeks limiting the powers of the president and removing the third-time bar on the election of prime minister. The proposed draft calls for amendments to Articles 41, 58, 63, 63-A, 70, 71, 75, 91, 101, 112, 130, 193, 213, 218, 224, 243, 260 and 268 in the light of Charter of Democracy (CoD). It calls for the withdrawal of Article 58(2b) and its Clause 3 related to the president's power to dissolve the National Assembly. The bill has also proposed some changes related to the disqualification of a member of the parliament as well as disqualification on grounds of defection. The party has called for the removal of Article 71, which is related to the Mediation Committee of Parliament. The draft also says that the president should appoint governors on the advice of the prime minister - unlike the existing mechanism under which the president only has to consult the prime minister. It also seeks deletion of amendments to amendments to Article 112(2b) and its Clause (3) that empower the governor to dissolve the provincial assembly. Under the proposed Article 130(5), the bill seeks lifting of bar on third-term on the chief minister's election. The bill seeks amendment in Article 193(2) that says a person "shall not be appointed a high court judge unless he is not less than 40 years of age". On the appointment of chief election commissioner and the role of a permanent election commission, it calls for amendment to Articles 213(1) and 218(1). It also calls amendment in Article 224(1) of the constitution that says a "general election to the National Assembly or provincial assembly shall be held within a period of 60 days immediately preceding the day on which the term of the assembly is due to expire, unless the assembly has been sooner dissolved, and the results of the election shall be declared not later than 14 days before that day". Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had suggested an amendment to Article 243 of the constitution that seeks appointments of services chiefs on the advice of the prime minister.