LAHORE  - Dr Ismail Bokhari, an outstanding Interventionist Cardiologist from Arizona, USA, after examining the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology report on the health condition of Gen Pervez Musharraf, says the former president’s chance for a serious cardiac disease is very low.

This report is in conflict with the one of a Texas-based cardiologist Dr Arjamund Hashmi who has been treating Gen Musharraf for heart problem since 2006. He wants the former president-COAS flown to his facility in Texas for further treatment.

Dr Ismail Bokhari's report says: “He (Gen Musharraf) presented with chest discomfort with prior history of left shoulder disease and cervical spine disease. No history of hypertension, diabetes and no prior history of precipitating or relieving factors for chest pain. His cardiac examination was perfectly normal, heart rate was described at 56 beats/min, which is normal (it was described as sinus bradycardia). The electrocardiogram and cardiac enzymes were normal. Echocardiogram is normal, has good ejection fraction, which is most important predictor for good prognosis. Cardiac CT angiography shows calcifications, no impressive lumen narrowing, especially in the left mainstem. CT angiogram narrowing is usually less severe on actual coronary angiography. With this information, on routine practice, patient needs stress test before recommending coronary angiography. High calcium score without lumen narrowing is not an indication for coronary angiography. This patient is in the hospital since January 2nd, 2014, and continues to have normal electrocardiograms and cardiac biomarkers. Chance for serious cardiac disease is very low. His chest discomfort mostly likely is from cervical spine and shoulder disease. In my opinion, he is low risk for any serious cardiac event at this time”.