Through your newspaper, I would relish pointing out the problems that the journalism of today faces and whatever it is, why, is it, so and what solutions can be looked up to overcome such and such problems. With each passing day, the attention of the majority gets given to electronic media and not print media. Things seem easier when accessed or approached through other mediums. I believe, the news should not deviate from the core fact and hyperbolic expressions must not be made use of. The news that deals with the crime of any genre should not present the criminal as a “Hero” or a “dignified” one to lessen the message and increase the “Heroic” act of the criminal. Ordinary things should be made secondary while that which concerns and hacks a bigger number of readers should be put stress on. The ideas of all the people, who write to you should be given equal importance to. Pictorial representations and variety in everything get liked by people. The yellow press in our country sees bad days for we do not cut short the hyperbolic details. Everything that stays, to the point, gets to be more effective. Scandal mongering and sensationalism must be put a full stop too. 

I understand the rules of the “Letters to the Editor,” I hope the message I have tried to convey will get through it, without being winnowed and I hope you will, positively, consider my message. 


Lahore, January 7.