LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that money-laundering and terrorism are unacceptable and unpardonable crimes.

“Process of accountability will not stop now. Provision of justice, supremacy of the constitution, stability of economy and provision of employment to youth are top objectives of our government. The PTI government is taking difficult decisions for prosperity and development of the country.

The nation is united against terrorism and every conspiracy of foes will be foiled.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is transferring powers from top to bottom,” the governor said while talking to different delegations at Governor’s House here yesterday.

The governor said current account deficit and absence of clean drinking water are top challenges faced by this government. “The PTI government has raised the issue of corruption and we will recover looted wealth. We are transforming the education and health system in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a peace-loving country, but this desire must not be taken as our weakness.

The World Economic Forum summits have called on global governments to take initiatives for inclusive trade cooperation and environment protection measures. Pakistan will become part of global efforts against climate change because we are among top five victims of climate change,” he said.

The governor called on civil society and media to make climate change fundamental part of their debates. He said the fourth industrial revolution is also impacting Pakistan.

“It is a challenge to reenergize industrial production in Pakistan and it’s not possible without bringing in technology because technology-led industrial production has become a reality in the world competitive economies. Human rights are my core concern.

The government is trying and working to protect fundamental rights of people. Abuse of human rights brings chaos and anarchy in a society.

Southern Punjab is core concern of the provincial government. We are working day and night to address overwhelming underdevelopment and unfettered poverty in southern Punjab,” he said.